Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013 calendars: part 8

It's the last week of 2012, which means that it's also the last of my 2013 calendar posts. I hope that you've enjoyed them as much as I have, and that you may have even found the perfect calendar for you! For this week's offerings, while I wanted to continue to bring you a great selection of 2013 calendars, I thought it would also be fun to focus on that other aspect of monthly record keeping by bringing you a few very different planner, rather than straight calendar, options.

If you live in the US, you may not know about the fabulous Frankie Magazine - that's okay, they're based out of Australia, after all - but in addition to this particular publication, among its many charms is the creation of an annual daily journal. Filled with colorful patterns, vintage-inspired details and hand-drawn typography from Frankie illustrator Amy Borrell, the 2013 journal is beautifully bound in red cloth and includes special features such as calling cards, sticker sheets and even a pocket to stash your odds and ends.

Another of my favorite planner options is Little Otsu's annual weekly planner, with 2013 as its 7th year in production. Decorated with UK-based artist Lizzy Stewart artwork, the 2013 planner includes undated monthly and weekly spreads, so that you can start it at any time use it in 2013, or save it for another year, handy list pages, and a quick reference guide, all wire-bound together.

And finally, I bring you a very different kind of planner, with SashaPure's Invisible Calendar. Based on the idea that only the really important information - in this case, events that you add on to the calendar in marker - need to stand out on a calendar, the dates on the Invisible Calendar are printed in clear ink, making the actual calendar itself virtually invisible. Yes, it is, technically, a monthly calendar, but because of its fold-out, accordion-style format that can be viewed either monthly or expanded to see the entire year at once, in addition to its blank back that can be used as a notepad, I think that it works just as well as a really interesting monthly planner option.

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