Monday, April 4, 2011

Karen Margolis

I love the above image, of Karen Margolis' sculpture Continuum. It's such a great, natural-seeming progression from her other more two-dimensional paper works, although even these have plenty of textural, layered elements to them.

As Karen explains, the Enso, Japanese for circle and a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism, is her inspiration for imagery:
I am very attracted to this mystical aspect as well as its paradox of imperfection; and use the circle, reinterpreted in both positive and negative space, as shared language connecting body to mind.  In a struggle over demolition and development, my art making involves two distinctly opposing procedures:  burning holes in material and constructing discrete components into compositions.  Within these margins I explore internal mechanisms as well as damage and mending through intimate expressions of how we are touched by circumstances of life.
It's rare to see an artist so wholly focused on one particular concept like this, but I think she's creating some very interesting work from it.

(Via upon a fold)

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