Monday, February 28, 2011

house with a slide

I'm continuing my interior slide obsession this afternoon with the Japanese firm LEVEL Architects' house with a slide. Oh come now, you all know that you love the idea of having a slide in your house just as much as I do. And this three-story Yokohama house is particularly clever in its design.

Not only is the slide in this home a playful feature, but it's also a way of accessing the multi-leveled structure. With living spaces at the center of the house, a series of stairs and slides circle the core of the building, allowing for various exit and entry points into the interior of the home along the way. Because of this unusual feature, the interior of the home is lit largely through the use of vertical openings in the roof, with a central courtyard simultaneously illuminating the living room with natural light and creating a small play area.

(Via designboom)

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