Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the rainbow house

If this morning's post merely got you in the mood for more color, you're certainly in luck. These images are from The Rainbow House, a brilliant London home by AB Rogers Design.

Sometimes, color is just the thing to turn an ordinary house into something magical. Not that The Rainbow House could ever be considered ordinary:
The house is a living artwork in which every corner offers a unique and magical discovery. In the master bedroom, a circular bed rotates into position so that you can look out any window. A trap door in the floor pops open to reveal a slide that zips you down to the living room below, where an over-sized sofa creates a 12 x 8 metre soft piazza for playing, sleeping and living.  
And yes, trap doors and slides are always welcome additions to any living or work space. Still itching for more? Check out the video below to see a very playful walk-through of this special space.

The Rainbow House, London from Ab Rogers Design on Vimeo.

(Via Black*Eiffel)

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