Thursday, October 17, 2013

cowshed house

Considering my love for interesting home conversions, Cowshed House, by Sydney-based Carter Williamson Architects, was a natural draw for me. Of course, that wall of books didn't hurt either. But I digress. 

A very unique property for a residential neighborhood, Cowshed House was built from the remains of, what else, an old cowshed. A lot of work had to be done to make it habitable while still preserving the unique building itself, but as you can see, the resulting home is quite lovely. As the architects explain:
The shed was simple, essentially a long brick wall that held the urban edge of corner and street and returned to house a few bedrooms in the place of the former stalls. It was the most basic of accommodation but was well situated, hugging the southern boundary with provision for a private, north facing courtyard.

Our clients share a vision for gregarious family life which is reflected in their new home. The spaces are truly ‘open plan’, each room connected to the others and to the sunny, green courtyard that acts as a natural extension of the living spaces.

Wherever possible the fabric of the original cowshed was preserved, but sadly much was structurally unsound. What was rebuilt carries the spirit of the cowshed, composed from a palette of simple, robust materials; concrete slabs polished as flooring, recycled bricks left as face for the internal walls and the timber structure exposed. Oiled timber doors and windows and corrugated cladding hint at the Australian pastural vernacular now all but forgotten in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

(Photography by Brett Boardman. Via Desire to Inspire)

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