Friday, January 11, 2013

my super short animated film fest! v.2 - music and dance

Do you all remember my mini film fest from last July? Well, since I've just continued to come across such great short, animated gems since then, I've decided that it's high time for round two. You'd think that with the broad range of animated shorts out there that it would be difficult narrowing it down, but I've found that there are definitely films that are a cut above the rest, and which it would be a shame not to share with as many people as possible. And so, for the next three Fridays, I present to you some of my most recent favorites with a broad selection of loosely categorized, wonderful short films from around the web.

my super short animated film fest! v.2.
Week 1: music and dance

le ballet vimeo from louis thomas on Vimeo.

(Via The Design Ark)

USAWALTZ from Asami Ike on Vimeo.

(Via The Kid Should See This)

Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc- Time To Go from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.


The Modern Dance from Rogier Wieland on Vimeo.

(Via Colossal)

(Via The Kid Should See This)

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