Friday, May 4, 2012

moon glass

Well, guys, I need a break. While Designer of the Month is one of my favorite things to write for this blog, it is also incredibly time consuming, and the month of May just so happens to also be incredibly busy for me. So, if you were hoping for a new Designer of the Month, do come back in June. For today and the rest of the month, however, you'll still get some great design, just not all from the same person. 

First off, how gorgeous is TALE's Moon Glass? I've certainly never seen anything quite like it - it takes the art of drinking sake and tea to a whole new level.

The secret is in the varying shape of the glass, which changes the look of the liquid as you drink it, mimicking the phases of the moon. Available in two sizes and colors, for the most dramatic effects, TALE suggests drinking sake in the black glasses and tea in the white.

(Via Design Milk)

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