Thursday, May 3, 2012


About 4 years ago, I discovered canning. What started an experiment in creating spicy dill pickles has since turned into jam, tomato sauce, a host of pickled veggies, and a whole lot of left over jars. Luckily, dry goods such as sugar, flour and pasta all look great when stored in these. Also, the jelly-sized jars are excellent for carting salad dressing, yogurt and other perishables to the office. All of these jars may be reusable with the addition of new lids, but despite my best efforts, they still tend to pile up.

All of which goes a long way to explaining why I'm totally blow away by Cuppow, an ingenious solution for turning any canning jar into your newest travel mug. The Cuppow is dishwasher safe, BPF free, and simply ingenious. Purchase yours right here.

(Via design scouting)

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