Wednesday, April 4, 2012

triforce tribute

I have many fond memories of watching my dad play The Legend of Zelda. And while I didn't get a turn at the controller until I was a bit older, we kids had a great time sitting around and shouting out where we thought he should go, why he wasn't able to get past that two-headed dragon, and just where, exactly, the entrance to Death Mountain was located. It was a game filled with secret passages and hidden rooms, magic whistles and healing fairies, and of course, enemies to fight and a princess to save.

I have pretty great memories of the game, and judging by Triforce Tribute, curated by Jolby and Always With Honor, it's pretty safe to say that these guys understand where I'm coming from. They've assembled over 30 artists for a multi-medium show that celebrates all incarnations of these amazing games. If you're in Portland between now and April 21, check it out at Land Gallery, and purchase some of the artwork through Buy Olympia.

(Via The Fox Is Black)

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