Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kristi Malakoff - installations

Caribou Migration, 2008. 1 sheet of plywood (434 caribou and 3 wolves). Dimensions variable.
Caribou Migration (detail)

I'm quite taken with the installations of Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff. In addition to the large-scale nature of these works - all of which are made out of hundreds, if not thousands of individual pieces - their layout within each space has clearly been very thoughtfully considered. Her animals literally migrate, swarm and flock in multiple medias and dimensions.

Resting Swarm, 2008. 21,000 photographs of bees, pins. Dimensions variable.

Resting Swarm (detail)

Orchard, 2005. 22 length feet of wallpaper, door skin, molding, apple trees, apple box, soil. 264.0” x 108.0” x 120.0”.

Orchard (detail)

Swarm, 2005/7. 6,000 color copies of butterflies on transparency material. Dimensions variable.
Swarm (detail)

Flock, 2005. 1 sheet of plywood, metal rod (256 songbirds). Dimensions variable.
Flock (detail)

For more of Malakoff's work, including some interesting uses for stamps and money, check out her website.

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