Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Emily Rothschild

I came across industrial designer Emily Rothschild's work over the weekend and was really impressed by her work. As her bio explains, Emily aims to "identify areas of our lives that are often overlooked in order to create new, lasting, and often humorous design solutions," a goal that, judging by her portfolio, I'd say she accomplishes very well. Take these lockets, for instance.

A re-design of turn-of-the-century mourning lockets, Emily's USB lockets are a beautiful as they are functional. Rather than a place for photographs, these necklaces contain USB flash drives instead, serving as a creative and unexpected place to store multiple photographs and memories. Her medical locket serves a similar function, but is meant to keep medical records safe and easily accessible, with the USB drive itself able to be engraved with vital information.

I also really love her take on the ubiquitous seven-day pill cassette. By creating a brass version and adding the option to wear it as a brooch, unlike its disposable plastic predecessor, these pillboxes become cherished and even humorous objects.

You can see more of Emily's designs, many of which are available to purchase, as well as her larger projects, on her website.

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