Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the boathouse

It may be cold and grey outside, but that's all the more reason why this stunning Norwegian summer getaway, by TYIN tegnestue Architects, is just what I need on a day like today. Modeled on a mid-18th century boathouse that used to reside on the land, the simplicity of the old building, its good placement and honest use of materials were key sources of inspiration for the building's redesign.

And what an incredible place they created! Don't you just love the way the back-lit cotton canvas gives off that beautiful glow? And the cladding, made from Norwegian pine, was pressure treated so that it will give the boathouse a silvery grey patina over time, with no maintenance needed. As the architects explain:
An adaptable design approach and flexibility in the building process coupled with a high degree of presence on the work site have been crucial for the final result of this project. Rational choices in regards to material use, method of construction and detailing have given this boathouse its distinguished architectural features. The building remains true to the historical and cultural heritage of Norway's coastal regions while catering to new modes of usage.

(Via desire to inspire)

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