Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog About It

Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it comes upon you completely unawares, from unusual places, and sometimes, it's something you find much closer to home. There are a ton of blogs, mine included, that share a belief in searching out the inspirational, regardless of what category or form that may take. For previous Blog About It posts, I've shared blogs that I find inspirational in terms of fashion and style, a focus on curiosity and an openness about both personal and business lives. Today, however, with The Fox Is Black and Cool Hunting, it's all about finding inspiration in the modern world.

I'm relatively new to The Fox Is Black - an art and design blog that seeks to discover and share the most interesting and inspiring parts of contemporary life and culture - but in the 6 months or so that I've been a follower, it's quickly become one of my favorite daily reads.

While Bobby Solomon, the blog's founder and Editor-in-Chief, along with a host of regular contributors, are all interested in many of the same things that you'll find on a variety of art and design-focused blogs, it's the other projects that The Fox Is Black focuses on that are the real draw for me. Don't get me wrong, all of the posts about individual artists, interesting architecture and new technology are fascinating, but you can't deny the appeal of projects like Space Suit of the Week, Re-Covered Books, and The Desktop Wallpaper Project.

Cool Hunting is one of the major players in the blog world, with a global team of editors and contributors that share inspiration and innovation in design, technology, art, and culture.

As the name suggests, Cool Hunting is a great site for finding out what's interesting and cool right now, especially in terms of the latest in technology and design. And while the perspective is always international in scope, Cool Hunting's home base is New York, meaning that they're particularly adept at keeping up with a city that has so much talent and inspiration coming out of it, that it's sometimes hard to keep up.

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