Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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I know I've said it before, but style-wise, I'm not exactly what you'd consider fashionable. Which is just fine with me, because all of the best fashion sense in my family went to Melissa, my incredibly cool sister who runs Seven Wonders Vintage in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. And let me tell you, having a sister who owns a vintage clothing store totally rocks. Of course, while my sister is my go-to fashion guru, there are also a few personal style blogs that I like to follow as well. So, with the all-encompassing craziness that is Fashion Week currently going on, for this week's Blog About It, I wanted to share the personal style blogs of two girls who really know how to put together a great outfit: Tipa Tipa and Fancy Fine.

Meet Monique, a fellow Brooklynite whose ability to wear pretty much anything and make it look awesome is unparallelled. Tipa Tipa is her blog for vintage fashion, food and film, and while I love peeking into all the aspects of Monique's life that she chooses to share, it's finding out what she's wearing on any given day that keeps me coming back.

Most of Monique's outfit pics are shot by her husband Josh, up on their roof, but there are plenty of posts around town as well. From maxi skirts, shorts and jumpsuits to shoes, scarves and earrings, it's always a treat to see what Monique's wearing.

San Francisco-based Ashley is another incredibly stylish girl and the blogger behind Fancy Fine. Unlike Monique, however, who's a teacher by day, Ashley is very much intrenched in the fashion industry with her work for a local designer as well as with her own shop,  Fancy Fine Vintage.

With her preference for dresses, penchant for bows and lace, and an unabashed love of shoes, Ashley's style tends towards the glittery and glamorous; I love how it makes even her ordinary outfits look like she's ready for a party.

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  1. Hey There, thanks for the feature! I will certainly be checking out your sister's vintage shop!


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