Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog About It

Today's Blog About It is all about style. While it's true that I'm not all that interested in fashion and tend to be very picky about the stuff that I do like, I feel a little differently about style blogs because of the simple fact that style is such a personal thing. And so, for today's Blog About It, I give you Urban Weeds and Tomboy Style, two very stylish blogs, each of which provide an interesting take on personal style.

The concept and format of Urban Weeds, photographer Lisa Warninger's Portland-based street style blog, is simple. Attempting to capture a wide range of people and styles, Lisa photographs local Porlanders showing of their looks.

What makes Urban Weeds special is that it's not just another The Satorialist (which I do read and love as well, by the way) street style blog. In addition to the photographs, Lisa also asks each person to share a little bit about their style and lists how and from what specific items their ensemble was created.

To define a tomboy requires searching far beyond the simple notion of wearing boys' clothing. Tomboys have influenced the expanses of popular culture including fashion, film, music, and literature. And although the tomboy is often identified by clothing, what makes her wholly so is an inherent sense of confidence, rebelliousness, and adventure.

(Photo credits from top to bottom: Katharine Ross with Robert Redford and Paul Newman on the set of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, 1969 via allstarpics; Chan Marshall photographed by Erich Schlegel for The New York Times; WWII furlough photo from the LIFE archives)

Lizzie Garrett's Tomboy Style blog is such a wonderful mix of past and present style icons. Her clear definition of what a tomboy represents makes for a blog that features a wide range of past and present movie stars, musicians, writers, and others in the public eye whose great sense of style and confidence embody this look.

And that's about it for now! I hope you've all been enjoying Blog About It. Next Friday, we'll be back to Designer of the Month, but you'll be able to find Blog About It every other Tuesday, during the weeks when there's no if I had a million dollars post. Got it? Great! Have a terrific weekend, and I'll see you all back here on Monday.

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