Monday, March 21, 2011

seven wonders

Happy spring everyone! I know that I'm generally not one to talk about anything as specific as shops in my neighborhood, but sometimes, you have to break your own rules, especially when it's for someone as awesome as your own sister. 


Have I ever told you all that my sister, Melissa Blumberg, has an amazing eye for fashion? Well, she's now putting this talent to very good use with Seven Wonders Vintage, a new store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It's only about a week old, but Seven Wonders is such a perfect addition to the neighborhood that it looks like it could have been in its location at 606 Manhattan Avenue, selling awesome vintage items, for far longer. Much of Melissa's inventory is from estate sales, and while it's primarily clothing, there's also a great mix of shoes, jewelry and accessories as well. Seriously, folks, if you're ever in Greenpoint, it's totally worth a visit. Store hours are 1-8 on weekdays, 12-8 on weekends.

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