Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog About It

For this week's Blog About It, I'm turning my attention to Canada, and specifically, to the two very talented makers and bloggers, Arounna of bookhou and Heather of dahlhaus.

Arounna Khounnoraj is a printmaker and sculptor who is one half of bookhou, a design company that she runs with her husband John Booth. John is the woodworker in the family while Arounna's creations tend to be more textile-based, but I've been a fan of both their work for some time now. In addition to the bookhou online shop and the bookhou at home Etsy store, they also have a brink-and-mortar shop in Toronto, and of course, all of this is while raising two adorable kids.

Arounna's bookhou at home blog encompasses everything from words and images about the design process, updates about all of the shops, bits of home life, inspirations, and fun DIY projects. It's a little bit of everything, and that's what makes it so great.

I fell for Heather Dahl's ceramics about a year ago, and have been smitten ever since. Of course, Heather keeps herself busy not only with her pots, which she sells in galleries, at craft shows and on both Etsy and bigcartel, but this girl also paints, blogs and somehow fits in family time with her two kids as well.

Heather is a wonderfully eloquent writer, and her dahlhaus blog is her way of capturing all of meaningful little moments of her life in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Dahlhaus is filled with images of Heather's work, photographs of collections, moments with her family, and lots of interesting discussions - from writing an artist statement to pricing work - about the logistics of being an artist.

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  1. Wow- thank you Sarah for the post and kind words! I'm also a big fan of Arounna's work, life and shop- I'm always blown away by how much she does especially with small kids!!
    Have a great day!


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