Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm not quite sure how or when I decided that I wanted to one day keep bees, but it's been something I've been interested in for a few years now. I always assumed that it would be one of those things I would never be able to do in Brooklyn, but ever since beekeeping in NYC was legalized earlier this year, it's become an actual possibility. And Omlet, a UK-based company specializing in modern, easy to clean chicken coops and rabbit hutches, is making urban beekeeping even easier their latest product, Beehaus. Designed for use in either a garden or rooftop, Beehaus is really two beehives in one. With one entrance at either end, Beehaus has enough room to accommodate twice the usual number of frames in a traditional beehive, allowing you to either expand your original hive or divide it in two and create two separate hives in one container. Omlet also has everything a new beekeeper needs to know, from starter kits to online tutorials to purchasing the bees themselves. Although I currently don't live in an apartment with either roof access or a garden, it's nice to know that when I do, Omlet will be a great source for both information and supplies.
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