Monday, February 1, 2010

hapuki lodge and tree houses

Ok, so remember when I said that, despite it being winter, I would gladly forgo warmer climes in order to stay at the Hotel "Igloo Village" Kakslauttanen, in Finland (check out the post about it, here)? Well, now that February has arrived - my least favorite month that, despite its shortness, always feels like the longest, coldest month of the year - I'm ready for sunshine and to be able to go outside again without bundling up. So I've set my sights on New Zealand, where it's currently summer, to the Hapuki Lodge and Tree Houses. The image above is of the lodge itself. Isn't it pretty? This low-impact, eco-friendly resort is just outside of the town of Kaikoura, which is the Maori word for ‘To eat crayfish’ (yum!), and the scenery, as in all of the pictures I've ever seen of New Zealand, is gorgeous. But what really draws me to this particular resort has to do with the second part of its name - the tree houses. Built 30 feet above the ground, in the canopy of a native Manuka grove, each these tree house has spectacular-looking views of both Kaikoura's mountains and the Pacific coastline. Wouldn't you love to sleep in the treetops?

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