Wednesday, January 20, 2010

northern lights

Aurora Shimmer, Meteor Flash. Credit & Copyright: Bjørnar G. Hansen. Courtesy of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

While I'm dreaming of warmer climates as much as the next person right now, I've also recently rekindled my desire to see the Northern Lights, thanks to the below images of the Hotel "Igloo Village" Kakslauttanen, in Finland. These are from a link that my sister sent me, from the Travelphant Travel Blog, of their amazing glass igloos. Yes, I know that I don't have to go all the way to Finland to see the Northern Lights, but wouldn't it be cool to stay in a glass igloo, where you can view the night sky without having to even get out of bed?

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  1. oh my gosh!!!! i wanna go soooo cool! i was actually thinking of going to iceland to see the northern lights... but this is way cooler!!!! must look into it... thanks for sharing!


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