Tuesday, December 15, 2009


While many of the artists and designers I've talked about on this blog are using either Etsy, Big Cartel, their own personal website, or a combination of all of the above to sell their work, these certainly aren't the only places dedicated to selling handmade art and craft. There are many wonderful small boutiques and online stores, like Rare Device, HORNE, ReForm School, and Three Potato Four, which offer a carefully selected variety of handmade and vintage items, but there's something great about the sites where anyone can set up their own account and sell their work online. Supermarket, whose motto is "Great design. Straight from designers," is one such site. Since I don't have a seller's account with any of these places, I don't know how the prices of setting up a store compare between them, but from the consumer side of things, with over 420 designers, Supermarket has a lot to chose from. To me, the best thing about it is the variety of different ways that you can sort through the work. The choice to view items by either designer or product, with the main categories of "wear + carry," "space + place" and "paper + prints," make it easy to browse if you're not quite sure what you're looking for. And since 'tis the season and all, here are a few fun holiday cards that I found while browsing around the paper + prints, cards + stationary categories:

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  1. I love Supermarket! They also have a great blog where they announce new designers and sales.


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