Monday, December 14, 2009

Dietmar Busse

I came across the work of photographer Dietmar Busse last week, after viewing a slide show by Wendy Goodman for New York Magazine featuring "young talent in small spaces." His amazing portraits of the artists and starlets of Spain and New York City manage to be both beautiful and haunting, as is his series of New York dog portraits, which is all the more surprising due to the fact that they are, well, portraits of dogs. And just when you think that you have Mr. Busse pegged as a talented portraitist (his lovers and double exposures work are interesting, if unconventional portraits), you look at his stark and stunning Northern German landscape photographs and his beautiful flower album images, and realize that this really is what incredible photography and talent looks like.

Dietmar Busse, Terence Koh, artist, Nov. 2007. From the artists and starlets of nyc series.

Dietmar Busse, tree with snow, 2004. From the northern german landscapes series.

Dietmar Busse, Charlotte, June 2008. From the dogs of new york series.

Dietmar Busse. From the flower album series.

Dietmar Busse, Yinka, estudiante de flamenco, Madrid, Oct. 2008. From the artists and starlets of spain series.
All images courtesy of Dietmar Busse.

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