Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rust never sleeps

As promised, although a day late, here are some more Penland pictures:

As I've mentioned before, iron is a pretty new medium for me. I'd done a little bit of playing around with it and little bit of welding before, but not much more than that. Normally, I'm a glassblower, and so while I actually did manage to (mostly) stay out of the glass studio and focus my attention on iron, I did like to go and occasionally watch a demo or two. As you can see, the class was all about sculpting, and this glass Ganesh, made by the class's instructors, was so amazing that I had to take a picture.

My forging area. You can see my little anvil and hammer up front. The beginnings of a fire in the forge are in the background.

I really have never seen so many crazy looking bugs in my entire life as there seem to be in the mountains of North Carolina. This moth is nothing compared to some of the giant guys I've seen, but I thought that he looked nice on the vice.

Some instructions on the beginnings of a piece that I was working on, drawn on the floor for me by my instructor.

These are all work done by my instructor, Nathan Blank. You can get a good idea by looking at this of the types of things that he demoed for the class: drawer pulls, knobs, spatulas, towel racks, candle sticks, and many other household items.

And this is what I took home with me. Two hooks, two different types of bottle openers, and one toilet paper holder. I also made a towel rack, which went into an auction, some barbecue skewers, which I gave to my dad for his birthday, and a whole lot of other hooks, which all got traded for other things. Not bad for someone who basically started out knowing nothing about blacksmithing to make over a two week period.

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