Thursday, July 23, 2009

lovely package exchange

Today, I wanted to help spead the word about the lovely package summer 2009 exchange, which is taking place through the oh, hello friend blog, for anyone else out there who might want to participate.

Basically, this exchange is going to be like a world-wide secret santa, with an emphasis on presentation and a spending range of $20-30. You can request anywhere from 1-3 different people to exchange packages with, and there's a form to fill out with basic information, including such things as interests and what you might want to receive in the mail. Sign-ups are going on until July 27th, you'll receive information about who you're sending something to on the 28th, and all packages must be mailed by August 14th. For full details and requirements, check out the blog post here.

So it sounds like a pretty good idea to me, and I'm excited to participate. I'm only planning on doing 1 exchange, but I think it will be fun to pick out some nice things to include and to create some lovely packaging, as well as to receive a surprise package in return!

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