Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caumsett State Historic Park

Last weekend was the first really nice weekend of the year, so we spent Saturday at Caumsett State Historic Park on the North Shore of Long Island. I love this park because not only does it have a great combination of open fields, wooded trails and rocky beach to walk along, but even when there are a lot of people, as there were last weekend, the park is big enough that you find places to walk around where you won't see anyone. Also, it's a really beautiful drive up along the cute little towns along the North Shore. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died halfway through the day, but these pictures give you a pretty good idea about some of what we saw.

There was a lot of forsythia on the trails around the park. I love what a bright yellow color it is. It always reminds me of spring.

Some ferns starting to grow along a path.

A nice view from a path on a ridge above the water.

This weekend feels more like summer than spring. Here are the flowers in our window, now fully open.

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