Friday, March 28, 2014


I've never been one for monograms, but Mymo, by Ultravirgo, is so different than anything else I've ever seen that I couldn't help but want to learn more. Billed as monograms reinvented for the 21st century, Mymo lets you combine any combination of two letters or numbers to create your very own, very personal, necklace or keychain.
Personal monograms used to be a badge of honor, embroidered on our every work shirt. But somewhere between mass production and ephemeral fashion trends, they were left behind. We love them. So we’re bringing them back — reinvented in a more permanent, sculptural form, produced just for you with state-of-the art equipment.

But why should a monogram be limited to initials? Really, any two letters or numbers can make a personal statement: You and your partner’s initials, your state abbreviation, your football jersey number, your dog’s birthday. Whatever you want, we don’t judge. Just pick something meaningful – and next time you see someone with a Mymo, be sure to ask what theirs represents.
Design your own right here.

(Via Design Milk)

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