Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2014 calendars: part 6

This week is all about a multitude of flowers of the Scandinavian, perennial and watercolor varieties.

To start, we have this lovely year-at-a-glance Scandinavian floral calendar, from Brittany Jepsen of  The House That Lars Built. Starting with a traditional painted Scandinavian folk pattern, Brittany took the original design and replaced all of the florals with photographs for a calendar that's as pretty as a picture.

Then there's this gorgeous collaborative perennial calendar, from Brown Parcel Press and one of my favorite florists, Saipua. Rather than simply creating a traditional 12-month or year-at-a-glance calendar, these two teamed up to produce a collection of 6 letterpress prints containing carefully detailed illustrations and naturally inspired colors from Saipua's seasonal arrangements.

And finally, we have an annual favorite with Bookhou's 2014 calendar. This is one that hangs above my desk at work all year, and never fails to make me smile. This year's version, with lovely floral and nature-inspired watercolors is definitely my new favorite.

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