Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2014 calendars: part 4

For this week's calendar post, we're celebrating our favorite animals, from furry pets to woodland critters.

First up is Gingiber, who has not one, two or three, but four monthly 2014 calendars that feature different animals (not to mention one year-at-a-glance offering as well). Owls, dogs, bears, and foxes, all illustrated are by Stacie Bloomfield, aka Gingiber, herself, and come with a clear acrylic easel for desktop display.

Next up is Julianna Swaney, who illustrated two calendars this year, both of which feature furry friends. Her main 2014 calendar is 12x14in. and shows a girl with her cats, but she's also offering a small 5.5x8.5in. fox calendar that's the perfect size for your desk or refrigerator.

And finally, if photographs of animals, rather than illustrations, are more your thing, the Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs calendars may be right up your alley. A fundraising project by Design Crush for The Humane Society, each calendar features 13 months of pets photographed by the bloggers who love them. And rather than physically printing each calendar, both are offered as a downloads in order to give every last dollar possible directly to charity.

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