Monday, September 2, 2013

real life at work

In honor of Labor Day, I give you Real Life At Work, a project executed by graphic artist Emily Forgot and installation designer Laurie D for the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy (W+K).

Real Life At Work is a wonderful example of what can happen when lots of talented people work together on a project that everyone is clearly excited about. As part of their Hello Neighbor initiative, W+K commissioned the Pop art-inspired, monochromatic window installation where, for the month of August, employees took turns working, passer-by could have a look, and the world could follow along by webcam. Can you even imagine working in such a unique space? I'm not sure that it would make me very productive to work in such a public way, but it would certainly be fun to be surrounded by such a wonderfully surreal environment for the day.

(Via The Fox is Black)

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