Friday, August 23, 2013

dino pet

I've always been fascinated by bioluminescence, and if Dino Pet is any indication, so has Yonder Biology. Of course, they've actually gone and done something cool with their preoccupation by creating a living habitat for bioluminescent marine algae in the shape of a dinosaur. Why a dinosaur you might ask? Well, considering that dinoflagellates are the source of this natural night light, the dino shape seemed quite fitting. As they describe of the project:
Our goal with this Kickstarter campaign (and most all of our projects) is to present biology in a fun and inspiring manner.  We’ve had an amazing time experimenting with the dinoflagellates (or as we like to call them, "dinos") in our bio light and in plastic bags, jars and any uniquely shaped containers we could get our hands on.  But the time has come to give these dinos a form!  And what form is more fitting than a Brontosaurus, err an Apatosaurus...
That's right! Dino Pet has been getting a ton of great press and has already met it's campaign goal, but it's not too late to pledge and purchase one of these dinos for yourself on Kickstarter.

(Via Colossal)

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