Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicole Aquillano

The Clay Studio, in Philadelphia, is one of my favorite sources for finding new favorite ceramic artists, with Nicole Aquillano as the latest in an ever-growing roster of exceptional craftsmen whose work I've become obsessed with after seeing it on display in their shop. But who can blame me? With their intricately rendered architectural drawings, Aquillano's porcelain works possess the almost washed-out quality of memories or places visited long ago. I love the imagery, particularly those from her home series of mugs and vases that feature houses on the outside and staircases within.

I have family in the Philadelphia area, so I try to visit The Clay Studio's gallery and shop whenever I'm in town, but they also have an excellent online shop that is almost as good as the real thing, and where you can find work by Aquillano and a host of other talented ceramicists. For more of Aquillano's work, check out her website and shop.

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