Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Martha McQuade - prepositions

I've long been a fan of Minneapolis-based architect and designer Martha McQuade. Her Scarf Shop collection of hand-dyed scarves are favorites of mine (I own 3!), so I was pretty thrilled to see that she not only has a beautiful new website to showcase her work, but that she's just debuted a stunning new collection of made-to-order clothes as well.

The collection, called Prepositions, examines what happens when two or more different materials, colors, or textures are placed next to, on top of, above or below each other. Featuring Martha's incredible digitally printed textiles and hand knit and dyed fabrics, they're thoughtfully designed and produced statement pieces that I'd love to have as part of my wardrobe.

(Via sfgirlbybay)

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