Friday, March 22, 2013

like knows like

I came across the Like Knows Like project through their latest short documentary about letterer Jessica Hische, someone whose work, and passion for it, I greatly admire. It wasn't long after checking out their website, however, that I found myself watching each and every one of their videos and wishing for more.

A project by documentary photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout, Like Knows Like is a showcase both the featured artist, all of whom are talented and inspiring in their own way, as well as the filmmakers themselves, who have done a beautiful job creating each short documentary.
The work the artists share on social media inspires us and makes us happy. But the digital world is often criticized as volatile and shallow. Sometimes, we miss the human touch. That’s why the idea was born to make documentaries about the people we admire. With our films and photos, we celebrate the bond between follower and artist. We meet our online loves offline. Through the documentary form, we gain deeper insight into the artist and satisfy our own curiosity.
See all of the Like Knows Like films and read more about the project on their website.


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