Monday, March 4, 2013

chateau de marteret

I was completely blown away when I saw images of Château de Marteret, a spectacular estate in Biran, France. Every detail has been considered, from the furniture in the rooms and art on the walls and throughout the grounds to the stunning series of crop circle keys and unique character of each bedroom. The overall effect is a bit austere, but quite lovely.

The Chateau de Marteret is located in Southwest France in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the Gascony region on a 180-hectare estate. It was created as "A Place of Beauty" with the help of over 20 artists from different nations with a great love of detail, which above all gives Le Marteret its special charm.

To create a place that moves people emotionally, a site where people can engage in a fruitful and enriching dialogue — such was the desire that motivated the owner Henry Nold. In the enchanting atmosphere of this “total work of art” we can find inner peace, as well as gaining new insights and release from established habits. The beauty of this place lends wings not only to our senses but to our thoughts as well. 
Learn more on the Château de Marteret website.

(Via Desire to Inspire)

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