Wednesday, January 2, 2013

kobe luminarie

Can you believe these incredible lights? They're part of the annual spectacular known as the Kobe Luminarie, held for two weeks each December in Kobe, Japan. 

Not only is the Luminarie a sight to behold, but it has an interesting history to it as well. In 1995, the city of Kobe was hit with one of the most devastating earthquakes in Japan's history. With Kobe left in darkness, the first Luminarie was designed to light up the city, pay tribute to the thousands who lost their lives and to give hope to the surviving citizens. The lights, each of which are individually hand painted, were donated by the Italian government, with the installation produced by Italian designer Valerio Festi and Kobe native Hirokazu Imaoka. It wasn't meant to be an annual event, but due to its popularity - over 3 million people attend each year - the Luminarie became an annual tradition that lasts to this day.

(Via My Modern Met)

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