Monday, November 5, 2012


Scandinavian architect Torsten Ottesjö has built the most beautiful, and quite unusual, experimental small house with Hus-1.

Measuring only 25 sqm (269 sqft), Hus-1's doubled-curved surfaces and complex form, created out of bent wood, were chosen as a way to imitate nature within the form of a house. As Ottesjö explains of the connection between the house and nature:
Just like the numerous forms of the branches of a tree, humans love Nature in a variety of ways. Is it possible to build a house which can be loved by so many in countless different ways? I wanted to try to build a house which was seen as beautiful in the same complex way as Nature. Angles and flat levels are at odds with the creation of Nature, but what are the alternatives? How do you build something that feels unconstructed? How can you imitate Nature in the form of a house?
You can read more about this lovely little structure here.

(Via The Fox Is Black)

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