Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2013 calendars: part 5

For my 5th 2013 calendar post, the focus is entirely on the letterpress. Now, I know that I've managed to feature a few letterpress options already, but today, with so many more fantastic creations to share, I thought that they needed a post to call their own. Plus, not only do these feature a wide range of illustrations, but each offering also gives you a different calendar format to choose from. Now that's a lot of options.

First up, from South African-based Essie Letterpress, we've got collective nouns of the animal kingdom in a lovely perpetual calendar form. Hand drawn and printed in grey and bright pink, this calendar will both keep you apprised of the date and give you the plural of a host of animals, from spiders to owls and trout.

If animals, and perpetual calendars, aren't your style, INK + WIT's 2013 Vortex Letterpress Calendar may just fit the bill. Featuring an unusual two-month format, this calendar will take you around the world with illustrations of such diverse locations as Joshua Tree, California, Govardhan Hill, India, and Machu Picchu, Peru.

Then again, maybe you prefer your calendar to feature only one month at a time. In that case, you can still get away from it all with 1canoe2's nature and pattern-inspired 2013 letterpress calendar. Not only is it a calendar, but it comes with its own wooden stump for propping up each month, which, after the year is done, can be used for notes, photos or just as decoration on your desk.

And finally, who doesn't love a year-at-a-glace calendar, particularly when it's by the wonderful Satsuma Press? Their 2013 calendar, with its jewel-toned triangle pattern, is a simple and lovely option to take you through the year.


  1. Really enjoying all these. Shame the first one in this post spells the word, er, "calendar" incorrectly on the front. D'oh!

    1. I know! I noticed that too, but thought it was such a great calendar that I was willing to overlook a few, minor details...Glad you're enjoying the posts!


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