Thursday, October 25, 2012

the window chair and couch

I admit, The Window chair and couch, by Mars Design Studio, don't look like the most relaxing pieces of furniture around, but I absolutely love the concept of designing a high-backed chair in the shapes of windows, and the use of colored rope is a wonderful touch.

This project has been executed under the idea of personal experiences and emotional As the result, it is a high-back chair in the form of an ancient window. It is also a window-space that many of us long to sit into, merged into a chair. Even though this traditional form of window is not used so often in contemporary architecture, it could still be considered as a stereotypical window shape remaining in history. The form does not only offer ornamental elements to the furniture, but it also triggers our imagination to open up deeper aesthetic values.

The decorative form also provides functional benefits, allowing various sitting behaviors. The weaved net provides a hammock-like comfortable back rest, also being able to divide space in a harmonious way.

(Via Contemporist)

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