Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blog About It

Oh man, it has been a loooong time since I wrote a Blog About It post. And there's no real reason why, other than that they're a little more work than my if I had a million dollars posts that I usually have up on Tuesdays, but I figured that I was long over due at this point. So this week, I wanted to share two wonderful blogs with you that, in some ways, are pretty typical art/life/design blogs, but which, in others, are very personal looks into the lives of two interesting ladies: Reading My Tea Leaves and sho & tell.
Erin Boyle describes her lovely blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, as a place for sometimes-stories about unpredictabilities. An unusual explanation, to be sure, but an apt one. While she writes about a variety of different topics, its her regular series, life in a tiny apartment, in particular, that are especially fun to follow.

Because, you see, Erin and her husband live in a 240-square-foot Brooklyn apartment. Now, I used to complain about the 450-square-foot Brooklyn apartment that my husband and I shared for 3 years, but clearly, that space was roomy compared to Erin's micro-quarters. But what I think is fascinating is that not only has Erin embraced tiny-apartment living, she's taken it upon herself to share all of her tips and tricks for making it work in her life in a tiny apartment series, in addition to answering reader questions in her life in "your" tiny apartment series. Pretty brilliant move, right? Not only does Erin write about small spaces, my other favorite series include make-believe, where she puts together objects to tell stories about everything from a forest walk to tea time and wedding guest outfits, and my week in objects, which offers a look at five little things that made her week.

Shoko Wanger is another Brooklyn-based blogger who brings a very personal spin to her writing on her blog sho & tell.

While most of what Shoko writes about are topics as diverse as music, art and design, fashion and style, and pretty much anything else that catches her eye, she also gets personal with a regular series called looking forward that she writes for The Equals Record, which touches on personal exploration and meaningful moments. I've always admired people who can get personal within such a public forum, and Shoko's used her column to write about everything from great loves to small moments and the importance of daydreaming. It's a great combination of topics for a wonderful blog.

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