Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2013 calendars: part 3

For this week's calendar post, I thought I'd take a little detour from your typical, static offerings to bring you some fun, interactive calendars. Because, while it's true that a calendar can brighten up your home or office, an interactive calendar brings a whole other dimension to keeping track of the passing days.

First up is this magic perpetual calendar from crankbunny. But why is it magic, you might ask? Because this gilded little beauty will not only serve as a 2013 calendar, but it's all set to show you the date for 2011 all the way through 2030. That's right, 2030! It even takes into account leap years, which seems pretty magical to me. And if you get tired of following the current days, you can always just spin the wheel and see what the future holds.

For another fun perpetual option, check out this ball calendar from Present&Correct. This little retro, space-age option comes in the form of a weighted ball with three rings to represent the day, date and month. Added bonus: the days of the week are in German! A pricy, yet unique calendar that will last you indefinitely.

Of course, if perpetual calendars aren't your thing, there are plenty of other ways to add a bit of DIY to your calendar experience. My personal favorite is the Stitch The Stars Calendar, which brings the fun of connect-the-dots to your monthly calendar experience. Each month is screen printed with the corresponding zodiac constellation, with a needle and thread provided for you to do the rest. And the best part? Both the ink and thread glow in the dark!

And finally, why not make your calendar into a game? Whimsy Milieu's 2013 fortune teller calendar does just that, and comes in 4 different styles to boot. It may not be the most practical of calendars, but it sure is fun.

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