Monday, August 20, 2012

design soil - fadeless

I've always loved the Japanese tradition of the single flower vase. While a big, bold flower arrangement is always thrilling, there's just something so simple and delicate about the display of a single, perfect blossom. Nobu Miake, of the group Design Soil, has taken the concept of the single flower vase one step further with fadeless, a lovely series of single flower vases designed for dried flowers.

Using brass, wood, leather, and a rubber band, these vases serve a dual purpose, with the live flower first hung upside-down to facilitate drying before it's either flipped or reconfigured to allow it to be displayed indefinitely. According to the description from the designer:
Stop the time. The vase for dried flowers hung upside down and slowly dried. Although flowers fade eventually once they are picked, this vase can defy the fate. The upside down flower slowly stops the time and start a new life with its dedicate beauty.

(Via Spoon & Tamago)


  1. I love this! The clean modern lines and bits of nature...great balance.

  2. Hey! First of all I would like to state that you actually have made a cool website. Also I want to know one thing. Did you participate in some blogging competitions?

    1. Thanks for the comment, MyTinyCuteStories! And no, I haven't participated in any blogging competitions, I just do this because I love it.


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