Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 calendars: part 8

Not only is this my last calendar post, but it's my very last post of the year as well. Today's options include crested shields, synchronized swimmers and lots of hellos. I hope you've all enjoyed looking at these, and that you've found a favorite calendar (or two) to use in the new year.

I love how shields make everything so much more official, and The Paper Thieves have created a lovely crested version to help see you through 2012. Not only is this quirky calendar adorned with a bear, which makes it pretty great right off the bat, but since each month gets torn off as the year progresses, it has the added bonus of being able to be re-purposed as a mini bulletin board, makeshift frame, or just some nifty wall art.

I've always loved the particular graphics that accompany how-to instructions. Dance step charts are my favorite, but until I saw MaeMae Paperie's 2012 calendar, I had no idea that synchronized swimming could even fall into this same category. The combination of minimalist graphics, bold colors and letterpress make this one of my favorite 2012 calendar options.

And finally, from snowflakes to daffodils, from lemonade to holidays, Vicinity Studio's 2012 wall calendar helps you say hello to all of the best parts of the year. While it also comes in a black and white version, I think that the watercolor wash is just too beautiful to pass up. Goodbye, 2011 - Hello, 2012! See you all next year!

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  1. those swimmer calendars are so much fun! happy new year!


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