Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 calendars: part 7

More calendars? Yes, please! Today's 2012 calendars are all of the illustrative variety, with journeys, mysterious ladies, the night sky, and one spectacular body of water. Onward!

I say it ever year, and I'll say it again for 2012: Atherton Lin's annual calendar is always one of my favorites. Boots On & Ready is a visual travelogue of 12 walks in England - from moors and beaches to the back streets of London. Available at Buy Olympia.

I love Australian artist Catherine Campbell's illustrations, and for 2012, she's compiled some favorites together for the prettiest folk-inspired calendar. Printed on heavyweight card stock, these postcard-sized illustrations are perfect to both display and share.

For those of you who live in the Northern Hemisphere, Little Bright Studio's 2012 constellation calendar, with its lovely depiction of the night sky in metallic silver ink on dark indigo paper, will keep you looking towards the stars.

And finally, Cathy McMurry's 2012 calendar is mixed media rendition of Oregon's Crater Lake. With its beautiful patterned imagery and handwritten dates, this calendar will undoubtedly make you want to visit this magical body of water for yourself.

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