Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2012 calendars: part 2

For today's 2012 calendar post, we turn to animals, a category that I think it's safe to say, is universally appealing. Because who wouldn't want a furry friend or two to keep them company throughout the year? While some of these calendars feature other naturalistic images, such as flowers and feathers and trees, it's animals that truly take center stage.

Combining beautiful drawings with song lyrics, The Wild Unknown calendars have been some of my favorites for a few years now. For 2012, they've created three stellar calendars that are a wonderful mix of strikingly beautiful and adorable illustrations: kittens, flowers & feathers and birds & bunnies.

Next up, the always lovely illustrator Camilla Engman has a new home with Studio Morran, named after her beloved and much-featured dog. The Studio Morran 2012 calendar covers all of your anthropomorphic animal needs, with its lighthearted host of creatures of all shapes and sizes.

And finally, there's this Night Owl Paper Goods calendar. This wooden calendar, which looks like a cross between an owl and and cat, takes the cute-animal factor to a whole new level.

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  1. that cat sketch definitely pulled at my heart strings so sweet!


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