Monday, August 29, 2011

linus knows how

So it was a wet and stormy weekend in New York as a result of hurricane Irene. We were a little concerned because even though we're not in a flood zone, the first floor of our new place is partially below ground and we're only a few blocks from the water. Luckily though, there was no flooding in our part of Brooklyn, and no damage to report, which is a huge relief. Since we weren't in an evacuation area and there was nothing more we could do to prepare, instead of sitting around worrying all day, we decided to use the storm as an excuse to paint the living room, which was sorely in need of a change. The entire room got two nice new coats of white to cover the brownish-yellow that was in there to begin with, and it not only makes the room seem larger, it just looks a million times better. Next up, the bright violet in our bathroom.

This stormy weekend also gave me an opportunity to brush up on my day-to-day survival skills - such as how not to be forgetful, above - courtesy of the brilliant, hilarious paper artwork survival guide, Linus Knows How.

how to outshine nature with your natural beauty

how to befriend a rare foreign animal

 how to pick your nose

how not to get recognized

Want to know how to camp indoors? What about how to dress accordingly at a cocktail party? Well, chances are, Linus Knows How, and he'll do it in style. Just one of the fantastic projects from Linus & The Feel Good Factory.

(Via upon a fold)

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