Monday, May 23, 2011

pattern matters

The trippy image above is one of the amazing creations of Pattern Matters, whose goal is to augment the role of pattern in graphic design through tactile exploration. That statement alone would have been enough to get me excited, but when combined with their amazing portfolio of works, which I may have forgotten to mention are all made from folded paper, I kid you not when I say that they may just be new heroes of mine.

As their very animated website attests:
Pattern Matters is a graphic design-based project inquiring on possible ways to augment the role of pattern by looking into the design process and tactile exploration through pattern making. It demonstrates the way of how this design element of pattern can be adopted differently on various platforms in graphic design. The main objective of this project is to inspire designers to look at pattern in every possible angles. Pattern Matters also aims to demonstrate that pattern is a crucial form of design element in graphic design which eventually evident that pattern is not merely a decorating tool.

(Via pitch design union)

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