Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog About It

Sometimes, the simplest blogs are some of my favorite. While I love reading blogs with lots of description and exposition about art and design and the lives of other people, sometimes, it's nice just to see some textless images. That's why this week, I wanted to share Color Collective and Anja Mulder with all of you.

What makes Color Collective so brilliant is its single focus not just as a blog, but as a design resource for color.


Lauren Willhite, the force behind Color Collective, starts with an image or two from the work of various designers, artists and photographers that she's inspired by, creating color palettes based around them. In fact, she's had so much success with Color Collective, that you can find Lauren bringing variations on this idea to a few other select blogs as well, with her Color Mankind posts on Design for Mankind and make it yours on Design*Sponge.

Anja Mulder is a photographer and illustrator living in Groningen, the Netherlands, whose work I am very drawn to. I know I've mentioned her here before, highlighting her incredible Flickr photostream, and her blog is similarly situated as a showcase for her current work.

Anja's blog, with its collection of images of her home and places she's visited, friends and family, objects and collections, and illustration and typography work, is one of the more elegant ones that I've come across. Her images are generally accompanied by little to no explanation, which is absolutely fine, because her work stands so strongly on its on. Because not only is Anja a fantastic artist, but she creates some of the loveliest photographic compositions I've ever seen, particularly in terms of the way she works with light and color.

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