Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog About It

Oh design. You are so my favorite. And thanks to the internet and to other fantastic bloggers out there, I get to have more of you in my life than ever before. Because, really, design makes me want to turn to the person sitting next to me and shout "Look, you fools! There is so much amazing stuff out there, and it's all the result of people's weird and wonderful imaginations! How cool is that?" But since I'm not the kind of person who does stuff like that, instead, you can find me here, writing about it. Luckily for me though, there are plenty of other bloggers out there who seem to feel the same way, and who have been great sources of inspiration, and for today's Blog About It, I want to share two of them in particular with you: Design For Mankind and Black*Eiffel.

Erin Loechner has a fantastic sense of style, which when combined with her breezy prose and charm, make up Design For Mankind, one of the most interesting design blogs around.

Whether juxtaposing artwork (up top), sharing her favorite finds (in the middle) or showing off her outfits (and dogs!), Erin's picks never fail to interest. I don't know how she manages to post multiple times a day, work on her home renovations - which she also has a column about on HDTV.com - and manage her other speaking/writing/consulting gigs, but she does it all with pizzazz, a dash of panache and plenty of style.

If I had to name one blog where I get most of my inspiration from, it would hands-down be Black*Eiffel.

Rachel Jones, the graphic designer behind this wonderful lifestyle and design blog, showcases favorite picks of everything from art, architecture and interiors to travel, food and even music (I am loving both the song and video for Mt. Desolation's Departure). It's the perfect little bits of everything, and I'm always excited to see what she'll discover next.

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