Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the woven nest

Oh wow. I love me some built-in furniture, but a built-in staircase? I'll bet you've never seen the like of the woven nest, from the London-based atoms studio.

Not only does the woven nest have a built-in, wrap-around staircase, but much of the furniture in this home features elements that appear to grow organically out of the structure itself. According to the architects:
This home for an actress and musician carefully slots between buildings and sitelines, and wraps built-in furniture into every available surface. Both plan and Planning constraints generated a complex series of intertwining spaces, enlivened by light and interconnectivity...The house assembles around the central open stair, its timber strands growing upwards towards the light and unleashing delicate tendrils to frame each step, a single thin metallic line dancing across their lines to offer the lightest of additional support to the hands that seek it. To the right, spaces sneak into the stair – as bathroom storage below or the underside of the desk above – while to the right the open treads fan and splay into a generous array of surfaces for the living room. Their lower steps support a seat and soft-spot, while their upper elements flow around the sitter with a sea of books and shelves.
(Via design milk)

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