Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sara Burgess - white papers press

Can you believe the detail of Sara Burgess' cut-paper art? As she explains on her website, white papers press:
About fifteen years ago, Sara put an x-acto blade to an unfinished sketchbook. She liked the silhouettes, the relationship between positive and negative space – still does.

Today, she draws and then cuts, slicing thousands of lines until a story emerges – seeing and planning for what stays versus what falls away. She says things like, “your brain has to think of what remains” (very wise). She’s meticulous and calculated, some might say, downright crazy.

She, like you and I, didn’t realize that people still practiced this tradition. She remarks on how it’s refreshing to see someone put a lot of time and patience into something – so few of us have time and patience anymore.

In case you’re wondering, her hand cramps before her eyes get tired – a lot of people wonder that. She loves how unequivocally non-digital this craft is. It’s the opposite of technology. It’s raw, simple, soft, tangible and breathtaking.
Not only is Sara a talented cut-paper artist, but she creates designs and illustrations in a variety of media and styles, from branding and identity to wedding invitations and graphics, as well. Check out all of her work on the white papers press website.

(Via sub-studio design blog)

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